Best Places to Go in the Philippines

Best Places to Go in the Philippines

Best places to go in the Philippines guidance is needed for those who want to travel there.


This place is located about 315 Km in south of Manila. Boracay offers amazing natural beauties so that it becomes the best a must visited place in Philippines. There are some ways to reach Boracay, for example by bus, by plane, or by ferry. But if you want to go to Boracay by ferry, it takes 10 hours to reach there.

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills is a hilly terrain in Philippines. The name of Chocolate Hills is taken from the color of the hills when it changes to brownish during the dry season. The brownish color is from the dry grass which cover the hills. Because of its uniqueness, this place becomes the world heritage UNESCO.

Mayon Mountain

If you love nature tourism, you should visit Mayon Mountain. If it is noticed, Mayon Mountain looks like Fuji Mountain in Japan. But if you have the intention to hike on this active volcano, you need a permission first from the local government.

Tubbataha Reef

Make sure you do not miss visiting Tubbataha Reef if you admire the beauties of sea. Tubbataha Reef has a huge variation of corals and other marines biota. 75% species of corals from all around the world are in this place. That is why Tubbataha Reef is named as the best place for diving in Philippines.

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Mactan Island

If you look for unique souvenirs from Philippines, you can visit Mactan Island. Mactan Island is a production place of musical instruments such as guitar and ukulele. In this island you can also enjoy Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort, the five stars hotel and spa, which is one of the fanciest spas in the world.

Manila Ocean Park

This ocean park which is located in Manila is bigger compared to Singapore Ocean Park. Since it is inaugurated in March 2008, Manila Ocean Park has already had more than 14.000 marine biota. In this place you can also enjoy pool and water park with your children.

Philippines National Museum

If you love historical tourism, make sure you visit Philippines National Museum. This museum has collections from various science such as anthropology, zoology, botany, geology, and also archeology. The most famous collection is the shipwreck which is used to trade from Manila to Acapulco. That is why Philippines National Museum becomes one of best places to go in the Philippines.