Best Places to Visit in The World

Best Places to Visit in The World

Curious of the best places to visit in the world? Well, we have make the list for you. Pick any of your most desired destinations and enjoy the awesome holiday experience.

Solta in Croatia

Croatia, the Adriatic Sea’s jewel is home to thousand of islands including the island of Solta which is a bit close to the Croatia’s second largest city, Split. This beautiful island is popular for its pristine nature, family run olive oil makers, winemaking and beautiful medieval villages. Enjoy laid back holiday in this place that is filled with open air restaurants, seaside bars, stylish beach clubs and ancient villages.


Popular for another name of Spice Island, Grenada is definitely one of the most beautiful gems in Caribbean that offers what most travelers want, the lively local cuisine and culture, preserved rain forests and uncrowded beaches. There are many resorts, villas, boutique hotels and guesthouses to rent in this place. To get to Grenada, you can either use boat or plane.

Buenos Aires in Argentina

South America has always been an exotic and one of a kind destination. Among the most beautiful places is Buenos Aires, Argentina which offers collections of touristic attractions. Enjoy the old charismatic structures across the city and beautiful local cultures. Don’t miss the neighboring villages to see Argentina’s authenticity.

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Los Cabos in Mexico

Los Cabos is one of two small colonial towns at tip of Baja Peninsula that has been famous for being tourists destination in the last few years. In this place, you can enjoy not only the gorgeous pristine beaches but also glam resorts, lively nightclubs and also exotic local cuisines.


This country is former Soviet republic and is rich with cultural centers. With Muslim-majorit population Uzbekistan offers abundance of harems and mosques that are well preserved. Enjoy sightseeing across the cities and experience local cultures in the neighboring villages. With its beautiful attractions, no wonder intrepid travelers claim this country as a promised island.


Despite its geographical location which is among the war zone, Egypt still has so many reasons for visitors to come and experience. The Great Pyramids for instance can only be found in this country. In addition to great pyramids are the collected pieces with thousands of histories well preserved in various museums and monuments in Egypt.

Marrakesh in Morocco

Marrakesh is a place of beautiful and vibrant landscape, cultural attractions and culinary spots. Enjoy performances of authentic African art and well regarded galleries scattered around the city. This African country will be one of your best holiday destinations.

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