Best Things to Do In Port Angeles

When you have a plan to spend your holiday in Port Angeles, you are better to know about best things to do in Angeles. Actually, there are so many unique things you can do in Port Angeles. Let’s we mention it by one.

What is Best Thing to Do In port Angeles?

Port Angeles has so many tourist attractions, so it can be the best place to spend our holiday. Here are some recommended things to do in Port Angeles:

Events and Happening

Port Angeles has so many events every year. For you who like running, riding, art, music, and other things, you can visit Olympic Peninsula. Here you can also see field of lavender. So, your holiday will be so wonderful.


For you who like outdoor activities, you can visit The Olympic National Park. It is 1 million acres park that can be your place to enjoy hiking, biking, beachcombing, and many more. This park is a great place for you who like outdoor activities.

Water Activities

Port Angeles’s seaside and mountain side can be the best place to enjoy water activities. There are so many water activities you can do at the Strait of Juan de Fice on the Elwha River, such as scuba, surf, paddle, kayak, and many more.

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Winter Activities

One of other things to do in Port Angeles is doing winter activities. Port Angeles has Hurricane Ridge to make you enjoy various winter activities. You can also enjoy snow in around town. You can bike, hike, and also beach comb in the winter.


Port Angeles also has various markets, so you can shop everything you need. For you who want to shop, you can visit antique store, weekly Farmers market, gourmet market, art galleries, and other market type. Every market type offers various goods. So, you can buy everything you want.

Unique Thing to Do in Port Angeles

We have mentioned some things to do in Port Angeles. Actually, there are still many things to do in Port Angeles. Port Angeles also has so many places about art and museum. You can visit some museum in Port Angeles to know about some histories. For you who like seeing wildlife and sea life, Port Angeles can also give it for you. We can conclude that Port Angeles is a good town to spend our holiday with family, friends, and also special someone. So, what are you waiting for? After reading some information about things to do in Port Angeels, hoepfully you will enjoy your time in Port Angeles.

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