The Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon, Arizona

The Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon – What is Antelope Canyon? For you who live in US and some areas around must have known this place. Antelope Canyon is a kind of natural tourism spot in the form of slot canyon located on Navajo land, the east of Page Arizona. It is a popular destination for holiday for its gigantic rock with scenic shape and color. The canyon was formed long ago from the erosion of sandstone in Navajo. Geologist predicts that flash flooding becomes the major cause of the rock formation. Well, it is likely a must for you to visit this area if you are in Arizona. Then, here are the best times to visit this spot you must take a note.

Best Light Beams

One of the reasons why you must here is to enjoy the beam coming through the cave part of canyon. The best beam is when the sun is able to lighten it more. This only happened when the sun is higher; it starts around March 20 and ends the late September or early October. The stunning beam can be enjoyed those dates everyday between 11 am and 2 pm. It is with a note if the weather and sunny. In other words, when it is cloudy, the light beam cannot enter optimally. To see this beautiful phenomenon, you can go to the lower Antelope Canyon.

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Best Weather

Despite looking for the best time for the best beam, you should also consider the best weather. Actually, it is no matter to visit Antelope time any time even in the winter. However, winter may offer you cold and freeze weather for sure. For many people, it tends to be less comfortable. A good thing about visiting this canyon in the winter is due to the number of tourist which is less. Meanwhile, there is also Arizona Monsoon Season in summer that brings thunderstorm. By considering the weather then, it is during spring between March and June.

Fewer Tourists

The crowd sometimes makes us feel not comfortable also. Antelope Canyon is crowded starting from April to September for the midday tours. Then, the peak is around, July, and August. It is because of summer holiday and the fact that the beam is the best. If you want to avoid the crowds of tourist, it is better to visit it before April and after September. This is the best time to visit Antelope Canyon.