Best Time To Visit Barcelona: Guide Tips

The best time to visit Barcelona is on May to June when the weather just so fresh with many great festivals which trumpet for the summer season. Actually, summer season was stuck out with humidity and there are many locals who leave their beloved city to go somewhere else to enjoy the breeze. The winter is mild than other Spanish destinations as well. While come on spring might be a great idea to avoid the crowds, while April seems there are frequent showers. Here the question comes up, what isbest time to visit Barcelona? Keep in mind that no matter what time you visit, there are still tourist crowds as well. Barcelona is the most visited city that you can find in Spain.

Recommendation of best time to visit Barcelona:

May to June

The spring month is the ideal time that you can visit. The temperature is so fun as accompanied by many festivals that you can enjoy. Plus, you will feel happier that you enjoy Barcelona before the rush summertime. The key events is Verbena de Sant Joan that be held on June.

July to August

The summer is the highest peak of tourist season, humidity, temperatures and higher price in anything such as: airfares to hotels were on their highest price. On August, there are many Catalans who leave to get month long vacations in more temperature destinations. There are several key events, such as: El Grec on July and Festa Major de Gracia on August. So, if you do not face any highest crowd, you should avoid visit Barcelona on these months.

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September to December

These months make the tourist season is slowing down and hotel rates will go down during fall season. You might still able to go swim on the Mediterranean on September. Although on October still remain as the comfortable weather, however this month have the most rain than other months as well. November to December also have some rain as well. Although there are only fewer visitors in this month compared on summer season, Christmas and New Year will bring many peoples to vacation in Spaniards and Europeans as well. There are several key events that you can enjoy, such as: National Day of California on September, La Merce on September, Spain National Day on October and Fira de Santa Llucia on December. So, you can use this recommendation to decide your vacation.