The Best Time to Visit Cabo, San Lucas

The Best Time to Visit Cabo, San Lucas – Cabo is a term commonly used in American English to mention Cape Saint Luke. It is a name of city located on the southern tip of Baja, California Peninsula. It is widely known as the Mexican State. When it is mentioned together with San Jose del Cabo, it is also called as Los Cabos. It is not something exaggerated to say that Cabo is a great tourism destination during summer holiday. it offers scenic beaches, some spots for scuba diving, balnearios, and places to observe the marine life. So, are you interested to visit Cabo? Here are the best times to go there.

Best Weather

Actually, it is quite difficult decide what kind of weather best to visit Cabo. For you who want to enjoy the bright sunlight and do activities like sunbathing on the beach, it means summertime is the best. It is around March and April. However, the weather is considered more comfortable, it is from the mid of 70s to the mid of 80, starting from December to March. Yes, it is spring. If you only want to enjoy the warm of sunlight without trying hard to sunbath, those months are the best.

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Best Events

There are many things you can do in Cabo for sure like swimming, diving, and enjoying seeing the life of sea creature. But if you want something more, you have to visit it between December and April. Why? It is for numerous events conducted there. Some of them are the festival of San Jose around the mid of March, Spring Break from the mid of March to early of April, and Semana Santa on April.

Fewer Tourists

From December to April, it is indeed the best time for beach vacation from its warm weather. More than that, there are also some unique events conducted. However, it means that Cabo will be really crowded. You may need to wait in line for doing some activities like Diving. For fewer tourists, May and June are the best. The weather is not at its best but it is still warm. But you must avoid going there from July to September due to the possibilities of heavy rain and hurricane.

Best Cost for Accommodation

Again, May and June are the best since many hotels and resorts that give discounts to customers. It is not the peak of tourism indeed so that they give the services to gain more customers. It is not exaggerated to say that the month is the best time to visit Cabo.

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