The Best Time to Visit Colombia: The Travel Guide

Best time to visit Colombia is year round. This is a very interesting tourist destination. Caribbean beaches have warm weather. Medellin is also buffeted by a warm dry season. The dry season in this place occurs in December to March. The main difference that occurs in the highlands is the night becomes cold. You can enjoy the lowlands with a tropical climate throughout the year. The wet months will occur in April to June and October through November.

December – March

This month has a sunny day. This is the perfect month to explore this charming place. You can come to a coffee shop or relax by the beach. You need early planning as December and January are the peak seasons of the tour in this place. The Light Festival will be held in early December. This festival is very interesting because you can see the terrace filled with lanterns and candles. Hay Literary Festival was held in January. The festival lasts for four days with a variety of unique events.


This is the start of the rainy season with slightly wet weather in some areas. This is a popular time to visit the area attractions. You can enjoy this month by visiting a restaurant that serves typical food from Colombia. You will be surprised by the delights of the cuisine. Food is a strong reason to return to Colombia. You will definitely miss the typical food of this region. Do not forget to prepare all your needs to visit this country.


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Dry season will occur in this country during that period. Colombian culture will be the spotlight this season. The scenery that will make you feel comfortable is the beautiful beach. The cool forest is the right destination to refresh the mind. Colombia also offers a rural atmosphere this season. There are several airlines that provide high prices this season because this season is the holiday time for North America and Europe. You should not miss the Medellin Flower Festival in August. This festival makes the streets filled with flowers and music.

September – November

You can still enjoy the long dry weather this season. There may be several days when your journey must be delayed due to rain. You should enjoy an off-peak trip. You can get a hotel with low rates this month. Cartagena’s Independence Day is an event filled with dance and musical parades. Your disappointment will be erased with another journey that feels good. That’s the best time to visit Colombia.