The Best Time to Visit Colorado Through A Year

The best time to visit Colorado, when is it? Colorado is a state in US laid on almost part of Southern Rocky Mountains, western Great Plains, and northeastern Colorado Plateau. By reading the description only, you must simply conclude that this state must have numerous unique and scenic places to visit. It is so true. The diverse geography gives it so many beautiful natural landscapes in the form of mountains, plains, and deserts. Undeniably, a week is even not enough to enjoy all the beautiful spots here like the Elk Mountain, Ten Mile Range and Dillon Reservoir, Calhan Paint Mines and many more. The most important thing is that you must know the best time to go there. Here it is.

Spring Vacation

The spring in Colorado is starting from April to May. The weather is warmed up as well as the ice is melted. It is really good if you are interested in hiking, climbing, or just simply walking around and enjoy the landscape. More than that, it is only months before the public vacations of US in July. Due to the Independence Day on 4 July, it is expected that Colorado is full of tourists. If you prefer a kind of quiet and not-too-crowded vacation, taking time before the month is the best idea.

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Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is a great thing you can do in Colorado. The summer itself is from July to August. However, as it has been mentioned above, if you take July, it will be bumped by the event of US public vacations. Then, both July and August are commonly threatened by Thunderstorm. It is suggested to take time in the beginning of July or the end of August to enjoy summertime in Colorado.

Fall Vacation

Talking about the natural event, this one must not be missed when you visit Colorado. The leaves of Aspen trees turn into golden color and then they surely fall down. Interestingly, this amazing scenery can be enjoyed in almost all parts around Rocky Mountain. If you see it from the height, it looks like the trees are being brushed by paint. This great event is continuous until the winter comes in which it turns into white. You can enjoy this event in September and October. Interestingly, those two months are more than that. They are also the harvest time. For you the lovers of culinary tourism just go to Colorado those months. So, fall is undeniably the best time to visit Colorado.