Best Time to Visit Death Valley: Come and See the Breathtaking Scenery of the Valley’s Wildflowers

Death Valley is actually known as a winter park. However, it is still a good idea to visit that place anytime during the whole year. When is the best time to visit Death Valley, then? Well, the answer will, of course, depend on what you intend to look for.

When is the best time to visit Death Valley?

  1. Spring

This season is the best season to visit the valley. First, the warm, sunny days are the perfect days for you to enjoy the scenery and outdoor activities. Besides, during this warm season, there is a higher possibility for you to see how beautiful the spring wildflowers are. The most beautiful scenery of the blooming flowers can be seen during the late March until the early April. During that time. Campgrounds will usually be packed; therefore, we recommend the reservation if you are planning to go there.

  1. Summer

For most tourists, May is considered as the hottest period in Death Valley. However, they will still flock to the valley during that hot month. Campgrounds are available as usual, yet the visitors rarely want to do camping under the sun, which is responsible for the extreme heat.

What is important to know is the fact that there is a high possibility of thunderstorms to happen between August and September. Therefore, checking the weather forecast is essential if you are planning to visit the valley during this period of time, since flash floods can happen any time during this month.

  1. Autumn
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Autumn usually comes in late October, bringing the warm temperature and clear skies. During this season, there will be not so many visitors. However, the number of visitors will increase during the Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Winter

As we know, winter always comes with cool days and also chilly nights. Surprisingly, this valley will show its beauty during this chilly season. That is why, winter is said to be the perfect time to explore the valley. This place is usually crowded during Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, you better make a reservation first.

When is the best time to avoid the crowd?

If you want to avoid the crowds, then do not come during Spring, although it is actually the best season to visit and see the breathtaking scenery of wildflowers. The weeks between March and before Easter are even busier than the other weeks in the same season. In the summer, July to August is the busiest periods, since they will be many tourists from Europe. You will find the least crowds between December and January (as long as you avoid the Christmas holiday), but October is also not too crowded a month.

Or, if you desire to visit this place in the best time or during the peak time, you still can avoid the crowd by getting up very early – earlier than the other visitors – and reach the points you want to explore before 8 am.

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