The Best Time to Visit Dominican Republic This Year

What is the best time to visit Dominican Republic? Dominican Republic is a country located in the Greater Antilles archipelago particularly in the Caribbean region. Tourism is one of the biggest incomes for this country. Dominican Republic is even the most popular tourism destination in the area of Caribbean. There is also Punta Cana, the center of tourism in this republic that offers some spots of beaches and balnearios. For tropical vacation, Dominican Republic with its Punta Cana is surely a good choice. However, you must still consider the best times to visit this place. Here they are.

The Best Weather

This republic has little variation of temperature in a year. But the estimation of average temperature is 77 degrees of Fahrenheit. Just like other tropical areas, there are mainly two seasons; hot season where the sun shines brightly and cold season where it is rainy. The best weather for vacation is during the hot season anyway. It is particularly if you really want to enjoy walking around as well as sunbathing. When you come there during the rainy season, there is a high possibility that you cannot go anywhere due to the rain. The rainy season is between May and October. Aside from that, there is also the threat of hurricane from June to November. Therefore, it is concluded that December to April is when Dominican Republic is on its best weather.

The Fewer Tourists

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Unfortunately, it seems that all tourists who go to this country have known its best weather. Therefore, December to April is where the tourist crowds are on the peak. Going there in those times give some other problems indeed including the hotels and resorts that are full-booked. Besides, the cost can be higher as well. More than that, there are also many events and festivals like music concerts conducted in that time.

But you must not worry; there is still possibility to go there when the tourists are less as well as not finding the rainy season. You can choose your vacation time at the beginning of December before 15 or the end of April after 15. Particularly after April 15, many hotels and other accommodation managements in Punta Cana and Dominican Republic in general have lowered their costs. Interestingly, the rainy season is commonly not started yet this time although it may be a little bit cloudy. For this fact, those dates are undeniably the best time to visit Dominican Republic.