When is The Best Time to Visit Ecuador?

Best time to visit Ecuador is year round. Ecuador is a place right on the equator. There are several zones that have a microclimate so you need the right time to visit the zone. Perhaps you should remember the peak season of the tours that exist in this region. Mid-December to late January is the peak season for tourists from various countries. You can make the initial planning after reading this article.

Mainland Ecuador

The dry season in late May or June is an unpleasant time to visit the coast. The beach area becomes cloudy and dank. If you want to lie on the beach, then you can visit in December to May. This is a surprising time for you because Ecuador has a warm and sunny season. It rains down in the afternoon because this is a tropical burst to freshen the ground. The forests in the Amazon from December to May will become soft and there are some roads that are blocked by the government. The forest will be flooded so you have to row the river with a small boat. This is a frightening experience and makes you excited to adventure into the forest. The cool air and unique wildlife become an unforgettable experience for tourists. The highland season is in stable and warm conditions in December and March. If you want to climb a mountain, then you have to wait for the sunny and hot weather. The night will be cold and you can get caught in the hail. Ecuador has a volcano and conditions on the slopes do not reflect the atmosphere at the top. Maybe at the top of the mountain, you will meet with snowfall.


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July to January is the peak season for a visit to Ecuador. This is the school holiday season in North America and Europe. You should plan your trip before the holiday season. December to May becomes the hottest month in this zone. The wind will fall into the calm sea. You can spend your holiday aboard because the sea will be friendly with you this month. June to November is a dry and cold month so the divers cannot see the beauty of the scenery under the sea. This is a bad time to dive. Wildlife is always active throughout the year. You can witness unique activities like sea lions born into the world and turtles laying on the beach’s edge. That’s the best time to visit Ecuador.