The Best Time to Visit Germany and What to Do There

Germany is a country which is known for its beautiful landscapes of rivers, forests, mountains, and beaches. Not only does Germany keep the breathtaking scenery, but it also has a fascinating capital city, Berlin, which is also home to many nightlife scenes and the famous arts. Do you want to visit this Western European country? If you do, then you should know the best time to visit Germany and also the best thing to do there.

The Best Time to Visit Germany

Many people say that summer is the best time to visit this country, since you can enjoy the warm temperatures and also beautiful sunny days. However, you still need to continually check the weather cast, because the maximum rainfall will hit the country during the midsummer days.

There will be a lot of festivals which are annually held during summers, one of three, is the colorful open-air festival. Besides, the season is perfect for you to do many outdoor activities, like water sports, swimming, or just sunbathing on the country’s beaches. You need to remember that during the best period of visiting time, most of the hotels near the popular tourist spots will be fully booked. Therefore, you have to make sure that you plan in advance so that you can book the hotel room early.

Although summer is claimed to be the best time to visit Germany, spring and autumn are not bad at all, especially in May and September. During these months, the temperatures are comfortable and there is not much rainfall. You can see the stunning cherry blossoms after the cold winter passed. Besides, there will be also a traditional celebration of Easter day and also spring fairs.

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Autumn is a nice time to come to this country. The summer crowds will be replaced by local wine festivals and also the golden colored leaves which make the scenery even more stunning. However, you should know that during the Oktoberfest, which is held in Munich, the flight and housing prices will increase significantly. Therefore, you should make an arrangement early in October.

The Best Thing to Do

Visiting Berlin is the brilliant idea if you want to enjoy its nightlife, and relax in its great green spaces. Many museums are also ready to welcome you, and also show you plenty of treasures. Spending the afternoon to explore the buildings’ architecture in the city is not a bad idea at all. Another option to do in German is visiting the Frise Islands, where you can explore the hiking paths, or enjoying the landscape while riding horse or bicycle.