Best Time To Visit Grand Canyon and Key Events

Best time to visit Grand Canyon is from March to May and from September to November. There is one definite reason why these months are considered ideal because the crowds begin to thin and the temperatures begin to cool. But if you insist on visiting Grand Canyon during peak season, you need to be ready for very limited lodging availability and hordes of tourists.

March to May

From March to May, you get the best time visiting Grand Canyon. In these months, there have yet no throngs of tourists and the temperature on the rise. But some places are still off limits like the North Rim due to lasting snow. And, be aware of the differing altitudes which tend to make it hard for you to stay ahead of weather. Pack more layers because the temperature can still drastically fluctuate despite rising temperature.

June to August

Yes, it is summer and a peak season. In these months, the sunny days are amazing with hovering temperature and canyon breezes disguising sun rays. Always make sure to bring and wear a lot of sunscreen to avoid getting burnt. Despite in the summer, the temperature can still vary. For instance, North Rim area’s temperature tends to be chilly while the temperature around Colorado River is warmer. Visiting Grand Canyon between June and August allows you to use all the park’s facilities because they are all open for business. There are some key events in summer including Grand Canyon Music Festival, 4th July and Grand Canyon Star Party.

September to November

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It’s not summer anymore but the autumn is also nice in Grand Canyon. It provides another sweet spot with fewer tourists. The temperature is around 20 to 70 so it is necessary to pack warm clothes. However, there are fewer facilities open for business because some of them are closed already like in the North Rim that certainly be out of commission. There is one key event you should not miss, the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.

December to February

When you look for the quietest season in Grand Canyon for a calm and peaceful getaway, consider visiting Grand Canyon between December and February. Grand Canyon changes into a winter holiday spot with lots of snow and the snow can even be as thick as 200 inches. You cannot visit the North Rim as it is closed to visitors. However, you can still visit the South Rim. But always make sure to pack warm clothes and wear the waterproof shoes when visiting in this Best time to visit Grand Canyon.