The Best Time to Visit Iceland in a Year

What is the best time of year to visit Iceland? Before giving the explanation, here is brief information about Iceland at first. Island is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and it is known as a Nordic Island country. The capital city of Iceland is Reykjavik and the land is geologically and volcanically active. Its location near to the northern pole indeed makes this country really cold and freeze. However, it is not stopped many tourists to visit this country for some stunning spots like to see Aurora, visit Laguna and geyser and many more. If you are also fascinated to visit island, you must consider the best times for this. What are they?

Winter Vacation

Iceland, as its name, is a cold and frozen country. It seems that many tourists come here to enjoy the real feeling of winter for sure. Undeniably, winter in Iceland is indeed spectacular. The winter in Iceland is occurred from December to February and they are the iciest months. More than that, the wind can make the temperature lower. Don’t you be afraid of winter here anyway? All you need to di is just preparing all things particularly thermal gear needed. However, the winter vacation is not recommended for them who have specific health problems while dealing with cold weather. This is also a good time to see the Aurora but the daylight is lack and even none for certain times.

Spring Vacation

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The spring in Iceland is actually not really a spring anyway. It is only a term of call the phenomenon of the Northern Light appearances around the equinoxes. Surely, this phenomenon cannot be experienced in other places. The lights appear from September to April. But the best months to see them are February to March and September to October.

Midnight Sun

Again, this is a phenomenon that you may not ever experience in other places. It is the midnight sun. If you come to Iceland to see the midnight sun scenery, it is recommended to visit there in June and July. However, just like the name, despite the beauty, this phenomenon also gives some effects for them who don’t get used to it. it is because of the troubled sleep in which your body must adapt the constant light even in the midnight. You can use eye mask to solve this problem. Although the weather is not as cold as the winter, you must still prepare the gear for this best time to visit Iceland.