The Best Time to Visit Joshua Tree and Discover The Beautiful Sky

Best time to visit Joshua tree depends on the scenery you are looking for in this park. Joshua Tree National Park has different scenery in each season. If you want a mild temperature for rock climbing or mountain climbing, then you should visit in early spring in March and April. This park has wildflowers that bloom in the desert. You can also visit in autumn in October and November at the end of autumn. The autumn light will illuminate this park. If you want to camp in a quiet and quiet field, then you can come in the winter. You will see a sky filled with stars at night. The best summer displays star in the sky. Joshua tree has a towering rock and you will never forget this experience.

Spring in the Park

Spring is an amazing time to visit this park. The park has mild temperatures during the day. The evenings also do not provide the weather that pierces your bones. Spring is famous for wildflowers that look amazing. If you want outdoor activities, then you can come in March, April, and May. School holidays like Easter make this park filled with tourists. Tourist visits will soar that season because of the Joshua Tree Music Festival.

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Summer in the Park

This is the most unpopular season in this park because the temperature in this park is very hot. This park will be a desert in June, July, and August. This season has a very high temperature. The temperature in this park is 38 degrees Celsius. This weather makes you unable to do outdoor activities because these activities can be dangerous for you. Heat stroke is a matter of concern when the park is experiencing the temperature rise. Summer makes you have to limit physical activity from morning to evening. You must drink water to save your body. Summer becomes fun at night because you can see Perseid Meteor Shower.

Fall in the Park

Autumn in October will be the most fun time to visit this park. If you want to take a photo, then you will surely love the wild rocks in the fall. October and November became the best month to go to this park.

Winter in the Park

Cold temperatures keep many people away from this park but in recent winter visits have become popular in recent years. December, January and February are the best months to see snow-capped Yosemite. That’s the best time to visit Joshua tree.