The Best Time to Visit Maui for Unforgettable Moments

Best time to visit Maui becomes a right time to have unforgettable moments. Hawaiian Islands never fails to impress tourists from all over the world to visit it. In addition to have impressing nature, unique local culture, and amazing beaches, Hawaii is interesting due to having some magnificent islands. Maui Island becomes a favorite island to visit in Hawaii.

The Valley Isle Is Maui Island  

Maui Island is the second largest island in Hawaii Islands after Hawaii Island. If it is seen from the number of population in Maui Island, it tends to be fewer than Oahu Island being the third biggest island in Hawaii. This island is automatically little bit quiet than Hawaii Island or Oahu Island so that it is so popular among tourists finding privacy and comfort during holiday. It is like the other islands in Hawaii. Maui Island has two seasons; summer and winter. Due to geographical condition, the average temperature of this island is varied depending on the place. But, it usually reaches 21.6˚C on February to 26.1˚C on August. This island is popularly called as The Valley Isle.

The Attractions of Maui Island

What makes you interested in Maui Island? This island has tropical weather loved by American and European travellers. In addition, this island is famous for its valley being an amazing enchantment. It makes this island called to be The Valley Isle. It also has some national parks to explore. It is famously known to be the paradise of water sports lovers like wind surfing, swimming, surfing, and many more. The best time to visit Maui will take you enjoy fantastic views of sunrise and sunset. Even, you can do whale watching. It is an ideal tourism destination due to it offers complete tourism experience starting arts, culture, historical tourism, and nature.

Things to Do in Maui Island

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When you include Maui Island to be a main tourism destination, you should note a list to do there. So many things and activities can be conducted in this island. Crossing Hana Highway becomes the first thing to try. That is a highway taking you to see a number of beautiful views like crossing jungle, waterfall, and sea views. Enjoying the nature of Maui cannot be forgotten. It has many valleys and mountains dare you to explore and challenge it. A number of tropical forests, waterfalls, caves, and nature wealth have been waited for the exploration.

Don’t forget to do whale watching. It becomes the best place for whale watching especially in West Maui and South Maui. Trying unique tourism activities become another thing in the tourism list. The activities include hiking, camping, rappelling, riding horse, bicycling in volcano, being mermaid, and trying air tour. Those will be unforgettable moments during holiday in Maui Island.

The Best Time to Visit Maui Island

Visiting  Maui Island needs to do in the right time. The best time to travel Maui Island is on May to October. In the period of time, the weather in Maui is relatively friendly and good. The tourists in the island are as not crowded as peak season. The peak season in Maui happened between December to March, summertime holiday, and winter holiday. It is nice to know the best time to visit Maui.

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