The Best Time to Visit Nova Scotia, A Beautiful and Lovely Port City

Best time to visit Nova Scotia is preffered by most of the tourists. This is a right time for travel, holiday, and tour because the weather is ideal. Nova Scotia is a modern port city in Canada. It is full of culture and heritage being a perfect place for your next holiday destination.

Admiring the Beauty of Peggy’s Point Lighthouse

Nova Scotia is a province in Canada located in east coast area. The capital city is Halifax. It is a port city having more coastal areas. When you visit this city, you should explore Peggy’s Point Lighthouse. It is an active lighthouse facing to North Atlantic Ocean. It is the most famous lighthouse in the world. That is why it becomes the busiest tourism object in Nova Scotia.

Though the lighthouse is old, but it still operates under control of Candian Coast Guard. In addition to enjoy the beauty of this lighthouse, you may star at the width of the ocean. But, make sure you don’t swim in the sea because the waves can kill you. It is right to choose the best time to visit Nova Scotia to avoid deadly waves.

Enjoying the View of Cabot Trail Highway

You may also enjoy the nature beauty of hill in Cabot Trail Highway. It offers an outdoor activity including bicycling, hiking, kayaking, and golf. Adventuring to Cabot Trail Highway is interestingly traced. It has winding roads, green trees, and Cape Breaton National Park. You can see the species in that area spoiling your eyes.
Having A Close Whale Watching

To get to close the whales in sea near to Breaton National Park, you may visit St Andrews Port. In this port, there are many travel agents taking you to watch closely the activities of whales from Bermuda Sea. A whale watching becomes a fun activity of your holiday in Nova Scotia.

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Visiting National Site of Halifax Citadel

After you have satisfied on watching whales, visiting national site of Halifax Citadel becomes the next trip route. In this place, you will turn around an old citadel. There are four citadels build in 1794 to 1800 era. The citadel is national and historical site in Canada located in Citadel Hill of Nova Scotia. It was built on the hill being a defensive area to protect Halifax Port and Royal Navy Dockyard from the enemy’s attack. To see those magnificent tourism objects, you should find the best time to visit Novia Scotia.