Best time to visit Philippines: The Monthly Plan

Best time to visit Philippines is the dry season. You can enjoy the season in November and April. This country is fully accessible. There are many remote islands with beautiful scenery. The country has high temperatures in March and April. You can travel in the cold months between December and February. The wet season will occur between May and October. The rainy season will have an effect on your travel plans. You can enjoy today’s sunny and hot day. You have plenty of green scenery that soothes your eyes. This month is not too crowded with tourists. May and November are travel at reasonable and convenient prices. You will not find many tourists but the weather in this country is still fun. You can also get cheap flights this season. You cannot predict the weather in the Philippines because typhoons can occur in August to January.

Best time to visit Philippines

Wet and Dry Season

The Philippines has two weather patterns called Amihan and Habagat. Habagat is a rainy season that runs from May to October. This season begins with the damp and hot weather. There are strong winds and rain in the southwest. The rainy season will cause a typhoon and hit the country in August. If the wind direction has changed, then the rainy season will change with the dry season. This is a transition that occurs only overnight. Amihan is called the dry season. This season runs from November to April. This season is characterized by moderate temperatures, little rainfall, and wind coming from the east. The dry season is the best choice to visit this country as the weather in the Philippines becomes dry and cold.

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This is the perfect time for a vacation to the Philippines. You can vote in January because the Philippines has a comfortable cold temperature for the month. You can watch Ati-Atihan. This is the largest festival in the country. This festival is located in Kalibo, Aklan province. You can watch wild costumes and street dances that look unique. Dinagyang is a modern festival featuring a parade on the Iloilo River. Black Nazarene is a unique feast because worshipers will gather in the square to touch the statue of Christ. The Sinulog is an annual event to honor the image of Jesus. The show features live music and street parades. You can enjoy plenty of drinks and food at this festival. February is also the right month to go to the Philippines as the temperature in this country starts to rise and your journey will be fun with some festivals. March also has a great festival during Easter Holy Week. That’s the best time to visit Philippines.

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