When is the Best Time to Visit Rome on Holiday?

Best time to visit Rome is great things to consider if you plan to visit this historic city. Even though Rome will always show it beauty anytime you visit it, finding the best time will makes sure that your holiday be perfects since you can see many special events and not being screw up by the bad weather. So, what is actually the most recommended time to visit this city?

Enjoying Rome in High Season

High season which falls in June to August will be the heaviest tourist traffic in this city. If you don’t mind to the crowd, this best time to visit Rome can be a great moment to enjoy summer since the weather is warm and the intensity of rain is low. Visiting Rome in this season allows you to do interesting activities such as sightseeing, taste the delicious culinary in outdoor café, or trying that famous gelato. However, as it is high season, you need to prepare extra patience since you will enjoy the holiday with big crowd and long queue at numerous events. Most of Romans like to spend their summer holiday in August, so you will expect restaurants, museums, to hotels are available in limited schedule.

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Visiting Rome during the shoulder season

Another best time to visit Rome is actually during the shoulder season. No wonder if a lot of travelers rely to wait until shoulder season come when the plan to spend holiday in this city. This season comes between high and low seasons and it occurs twice a year so people have more options to visit Rome in great time. Shoulder season falls in April to June and September to October. Based on the weather condition, it is the perfect time to visit Rome because the days will be mild and you also can spend good nights as it feels cool.

In Rome former times, tour operators and hotel owners were usually offering travel deals in this season so that there are more tourists who were interested to enjoy holiday in Rome. However, in the present time, many tourist and travelers already know that shoulder season is the best time to visit this city. As these months are very popular among tourists, it is quite hard to find affordable motels or discounts in this season compared with regular high season. Those who do not want to get disappointed when visiting Rome in shoulder season need to plan the trips far away before when decide to go holiday during best time to visit Rome.

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