Best Time to Visit San Diego and City Attractions to Enjoy

Best time to visit San Diego is important factor to think about when you want to spend holiday time in this city. Basically, this city has good weather throughout the year since the climate is mild, the humidity is low, and also has good-quality of air. However, there are several times which are better to come into San Diego compared with other times. By considering visiting time previously, you can get good accommodation rates and place to stay. So, what times they are?

Visiting San Diego in spring season

Spring is renowned to be best time to visit San Diego. During this season, the weather in America’s Finest City is quite mild since the average temperature is in 60 degrees. Besides, there are still few visitors who pack the streets rather than in summer season. However, this season is popular with the name of “May Gray” so you often will not see the sun along day on each day. The fascinating thing about this season is it is perfect for flower lovers since there a lot of flowers which bloom during this time. The main city itself does not have places with beautiful flowers the Coronado Flower Show is the right even when If you want to see that. This show is commonly held in April. You also can go to Carlsbad Flower Flied to see many beautiful blooms there.

Arriving at Sun Diego in summer season

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Besides spring, summer also becomes the best time to visit San Diego. This season even known to be favorite time to visit the city due to its warm weather which its average is in 70s degree. Another contributing factor which makes people chooses this season to visit San Diego because there are many festivals held. However, this season is known with “June Gloom” so oppositely this time is not very good for sun hunters. Hence, those are better to come in the late of summer.

In July, the room rates begin to rise particularly close to Comic-Con, the hugest event in the city. Since Comic-con event is extremely big, hotel rooms commonly filled up a month before it is held not matter which is located in the town or neighborhood. If you do not want to get trapped in the middle of crowd, August can be the good option since it has fewer visitors than July. However, it still has heavy tourist season so that you also need to consider the high travel rates when choose this best time to visit San Diego.