The Best Time of Year to Visit Thailand : The Fun Holiday with Low Cost

The best time of year to visit Thailand becomes a favorite time for tourists. The tourists prefer come to Thailand in the best time. It is caused that they want to explore the beauty of Thailand in an ideal condition and low cost. Indeed, those are so beneficial for the tourists making them save much budget for holiday.

The Best Time to Visit Thailand for Tourists

When do you come to Thailand properly? Is it the beginning of the year or the end of the year? As you want to have the fun holiday ever with low cost, you should choose the right time for trip, travel, and holiday. You should consider a number of European and American tourists. September is one of the best month in the year to get the affordable price in having holiday in Thailand. The hotel rate is usually cheaper. In addition, the tourists can visit Thailand on May to August. Those months are the perfect time for having fun in Thailand.

It is better to avoid October if you want to have low – cost holiday in Thailand. It is caused that it has started winter in European and United States. The tourists from those countries seek the tropical tourism destination to prevent bad winter weather. That is why Thailand becomes a good tourism destination. It is great to find the best time of year to visit Thailand. The weather can be considered before flying to Thailand.

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The Different Weathers and Tourism Destinations in Thailand

Thailand has tropical weather with different rainy season. There are three seasons in Thailand, winter on November to Februaru, summer on March to May, and rainy on June to October. The humidity, rainfall, and hot in Thailand is varied and you should know the best time to travel in Thailand.

  • North Area

If you want to enjoy winter in Thailand, you can choose North area of Thailand. You may visit Chiang Mai and the other North areas. Along the year, North Thailand is covered winter with the average temperature underneath 26 Celcius degree.

  • Bangkok and Central Thailand

Bangkok has three seasons; winter, summer, and rainy. Bangkok has winter with the lowest temperature up to 10 Celcius degree. But, at summer, the air gets so hotter. When rainy comes, it often happens storm but only running for one to two hours.

  • South Area

In South Area, the weather is rather different from the other areas. It has no winter and only rainy season. You can come to Phuket, Andaman Beach, Koh Samui, and Gulf Coast. When you decide to travel and explore the regions of Thailand, it needs to determine the best time of year to visit Thailand.

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