Best Way to Get Around Paris to Enjoy Details in Paris

Best Way to Get Around Paris to Enjoy Details in Paris

Best way to get around Paris information will guide you to enjoy little details things in Paris. Paris is a place of to get great experience in shopping, learn about history and to learn about fashion. There are some ways that you can do to enjoy Paris. Here you can choose one of some ways to enjoy landscape in Paris.

Simply walking in Paris

First best way to get around Paris is by simply walking. There are some destinations that you can reach by walking. Actually you can also mix between walking and using public transportation that will save more time. For all of you who like to use public transportation you can choose such as taxi, buses, metro, river boats, or tour buses.

You can also choose to use electric bicycle. There are some bicycle stations that you can choose in Paris. How about the price? You don’t need to worry because the price is cheap when we compare with other public transportation.

Metro Transportation to Get Around Paris

Now Paris has more than 300 stations of Metro .there are some reasons why you need to choose metro as best transportation in Paris such as cleaning reason, cheap and also efficient. Metro is running daily start from 5.30 until midnight so you don’t need to worry to travel anytime you want.

How to find metro station? You can find stations in easy way because you just need to see the maps. Metro maps are available in some hotels in Paris. You can buy the tickets in various options too such as single ride, single day pass, weekly pass or monthly pass.

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Travel Paris by Velib

There is other way to enjoy Paris such as by using Velib. Velib is friendly bike that you can find in easy way in Paris, You will be able to find more than 1800 stations of Velib in Paris.  Velib is cheap because you only need to pay 1,7 Euro to use Velib. By using ticket, you can access Velib bike all over Paris.

After you know more about some transportation options that you can find in Paris, you can choose based on your situation, budget and your need.

How about you who want to enjoy luxurious traveling around Paris? There are some tour agents that offered to you too. You just need to pay and then enjoy your tour in Paris. Before you go there, you better check season and weather or find information about recommended time to visit. Now time to enjoy Paris because you know more about best way to get around paris.