Breathtaking Places to Go in the World as Holiday Destination

Breathtaking Places to Go in the World as Holiday Destination


There are countless breathtaking places to go in the world that can be great destinations for you who want to have memorable holiday experience.

Maroon Bells

When it comes to a natural beauty, no one can beat Maroon Bells which located just about 10 miles from Aspen, Colorado. This crystal-liked lake appears in Elk Mountains precisely hidden over glacial valley. It is such a small paradise of Rocky Mountains which on the same time also serves as the most beautiful view to be snapped as photo over the country.

Each season, Maroon Bells show different timeless beauty. Summer is the best time for hikers since the field will be full of flowers. Fall also produces beautiful scenery because aspen trees in this place turn into various kinds of fall colours. Winter will turn this place into snowy world but some of iconic spots still can be accessed using motorcycle. The lake is interesting place for many fishermen because when they cannot catch anything, they still can enjoy the beautiful nature on its surroundings.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is also known as the greatest places to go in the world. It is a vertical natural carved stone formed by Colorado River about 5000 years ago. The huge size of size looks really outstanding even when you only take a little sneak peak on it. The geology process which created this great view still can be seen until now. The layers of rocky structure really show how the time passes and some parts of rocks already been 1.8 billion years old.

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Visiting this place, you can meet lively activities such as hiking in the northern rim since there are not many people here. Meanwhile, the southern rim has limitation for visitors. Aside from hiking, camping also becomes great activity to do in this place. You can experience how enjoy Canyon’s scenery at night under countless stars.


When come to Santorini, don’t forget to visit Oia, the most stunning village in this place. The combination of wonderful cliff view and its interesting daily life makes people choose this place as most wanted destination for holiday. Located about 11 km from Fira, this village will stun you with its traditional houses made from stone, narrow pathways, fascinating churches with their blue domes, and verandas for sunbathing. Other villages are packed with souvenir shops and cafes; Oia is more tranquil and laid-back so people like to spend time in this village by strolling through its narrow pathways.

There are also 300 steps when you walk down the cliffs. Besides, colourful galleries where Santorini’s artists exhibit their masterpiece also become another interesting point. Due to its attractiveness, Santorini is considered as prettiest places to go in the world.