Carefully Planning a Trip To Japan

Carefully Planning a Trip To Japan

Enjoying holiday can be by visiting any places you want. On this article, we will share you the planning a trip to japan, more precisely to know the average cost.

Budget for 2 weeks

During that time, you will need US $3,730 more or less. Here are the details. The airfare costs $800 while you also need $440 for the JR Rail Pass. Take an average $115 of accommodation per day, and you will need $1,610 while you are in Japan. Have saving for about $140 for local transportation, and $120 for enjoying any attractions there. On the other hand, you will spend about $420 if you spend $30 for eating each day. Last, there will still be $200 left. It is for any random spending you want.

The above calculation is only estimation. Therefore, there are more than thousands ways, which you can use, to save more money. You can also save $100 up to $300 if you can manage to seat on sale edition, it will be better. You also need to know that there are two major airports; Narita and Haneda. Haneda is closer to the city than Narita.

Japan Rail Pass

If you want to spend your holiday time in Japan, JRP is the most essential thing, which you need to include in your plan. It is a rail pass, whose function is to allow you to use Japan Rail trains unlimitedly for 7, 14, or 21 days. There is one more luxury and service, you can get it from green pass. For 7 days, it usually costs $275 for JRP and $370 for green pass. For 14 days, it usually costs $440 for JRP and $595 for green pass. Last, for 21 days, it usually costs $560 for JRP and $775 for green pass.

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Local Transportation

Since not all metro lines operated by Japan Rail, you will also need to use local transportation. To save money, you can use one of the seven prepaid card. Some of the samples are ICOCA, Pasmo, and Suica. It is different from discount card, but these card can give you the ease of using it in major areas of Japan. Some restaurants and vending machines are even compatible with these cards and receive it as the payment method.

Those are some methods, which you can use if you want to save more money on your trip. Have a nice holiday and enjoy every minutes you have on planning a trip to japan.