Cheapest Flights to Paris from LA

Cheapest flights to Paris are important information for those of you who currently want to travel on business, leisure, or other purposes to Paris. You who live in LA have many airline options that you can use to go to this fashion center of the world.

One of the cheapest airlines you can use to go to Paris is Air France. Air France is actually a French-owned airline, and is also the largest airline in Europe. The airline is a joint venture of KLM belonging to the Dutch government and France’s Air France.

The premium economy class facilities

If you want to go cheaply, of course you know what class you should take. The economy-class flight is the cheapest way to fly, you know why. But why Air France, while you have many other flight options to go to Paris from LA.

Economy class Air France has several facilities that will provide comfort for you. Here are the facilities you will be able to fly on Air France’s economy class. The economy-class seats are completely replaced, with larger legroom, new cushions, more comfortable headrests and wider desk pads. Air France redesigned the seats to make it more ergonomic to ensure optimum comfort with power sockets and headphones.

Premium economy class also gets the same “treatment”; more comfortable seat cushion with multi-position footing. As a quick and easy entertainment, a large high resolution touch screen is also present, with a total duration of more than 1,000 hours, movies and TV series, and other programs presented according to customer demand. Air France also improved its food service. The food and drink menu is increasingly diverse with the addition of special dishes and snacks such as champagne, wine, ice cream and sweets. For children, Air France serves organic food that is processed to the tastes of infants and children.

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Ticket price

Air France offers a non-stop flight from LA to Paris. You can opt for a round trip or one-way trip. With all the comforts of the premium economy class provided by the airline, the 10 hours flight will still feel comfortable. You can get round trip tickets at $ 874 and $ 512 for one way trip. This price is comparable to what you will get during the flight. You will even feel that you are flying in business class when using Air France. Those are the best and cheapest flights to Paris you can get from LA if you use Air France.