Cheapest way to get from London to Paris

Cheapest way to get from London to Paris

It is possible for you to get the cheapest way to get from London to Paris since there are some options you can choose to reach it. It may be a bit confusing so that getting to know the info about the cheapest solutions is a good thing to inspire you.

There are lots of options for reaching Paris from London, as like by bus, plane, or even train. They are the most convenient options if you are going to go to Paris from London. Still, it is good to compare them in order to get the right choice of the way to go to Paris. That is including getting the cheapest way for saving much of your budget. Below is some info you need to know.

London to Paris by Plane

Reaching Paris by plane is still one of the favourite options to choose. There are some benefits which you can obtain including of course the speed. However, the drawback is about its efficiency. Sure, it is most inefficient option for you since actually we can say London-Paris is not very long. On the other hand, you will be able reaching Paris from London in less than an hour (45-60 minutes).

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For the air fare, the lowest one we found is about £49 but if you can book it months in advance, you will get the lower price about £36. That is for the one way flight ticket.

London to Paris by Train

If you need the good comfort and great speed, this will be the best idea. You can enjoy the trip to Paris by train. The only train which will enable you to reach Paris from London directly is Eurostar. They have about 15 up to 17 trips per week from St.Pancras International, London, to Gare du Nurd, Paris. You will be on the train about 120 to 135 minutes.

What about the fare for choosing train? The fare may be varied but in average it is around £58. That is for the return ticket. If you want to get the lower fare for the train to Paris from London, you can book it as early as possible. The earlier will be the cheaper. Eurostar enables you to book the ticket till about 6 months before the day. Still, it is not the option for the cheapest way to get from London to Paris.

London to Paris by Bus

If you are looking for the budget friendly transportation from London to Paris, bus or car can be the best option for you. The fare starts from £10 for the one way ticket. Sure, that is totally the cheapest option but you have to deal with the long trip since it will take about 7-8.5 hours for London-Paris trip. However, it can be the solution for the cheapest way to get from London to Paris.

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