Check These Nice Hotels Near Savannah Airport for Your Convenience

Are you in store for information regarding hotels near Savannah airport? Before you go around the world, booking a place to stay is always a good thing to do. When you go Savannah, you need to remember that rule as well. Without booking a place to stay in advance, you will risk having to sleep in places that is shady in nature, and sleeping in shady places is not exactly a very vacation-like thing, right? That is why you need to make some calls before you go so you already got a place to stay in when you do arrive in the vacation place.

Savannah has lots of hotels, but today we are not going to talk about ordinary hotels. We are going to talk about hotels that are in close proximity to the airport. Having a hotel that is close to the airport will bring many perks (the fact that you do not have to go one hour before the flight being one of them), and I am going to list you three hotels that are the closest to the Savanah airport itself.

The first of the hotels near Savannah Airport is Days Inn Airport

I do not know why this place is called an Airport even though it is a hotel, but this place is a good choice if you want to find a hotel that is THE closest to Savannah Airport. I capitalized the ‘the’ word because I really mean it. It will only take a minute’s ride from the airport to reach this hotel, and you can imagine how close it must be, right?

It got a free shuttle to the airport and an indoor swimming pool. It has a classic look to it, so never expect something that might come out of a Japanese hotel or something alike. From this hotel, a 12 minutes ride will take you the Savannah city center, so aside from being close to the airport, you can reach the city center in no time. Free parking and Wi-Fi is available for you to enjoy.

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Country Inn & Suites Savannah Airport

Located only one kilometers from Savannah airport, this is the second closest hotel to the airport. This place got coffee makers and cable TVs in every rooms, so if cable TVs are your thing, go check this hotel out.

Continental breakfast is available every morning and there is a library with lots of books to peruse. The last thing entices me for a bit because not many hotels come equipped with a library.

DoubleTree Hotel is the furthest of the three, but it is the best for your bucks

This hotel is 3 kilometers far from the airport, but that does not mean you should not bother with it. While this hotel is the furthest of the three, you get a lot for the money to pay. There are, in every rooms, a microwave, a refrigerator, coffee-making facilities, flat-screen cable TVs, and a seating area. Heck, one room is like a discount apartment room with the kitchen gone. It is one of the nicest hotels near Savannah airport, so do check it out in your earliest convenience.