Choosing Airport in Costa Rica

Choosing Airport in Costa Rica

People have to question about where to fly into costa rica for making sure that they trip to this country can be efficient and satisfying. They cannot travel to Costa Rica without paying attention to the airport after all. Here are things to consider for making the right choice.

International Airports

At first, people have to make proper understanding about the available international airports in Costa Rica. In this country, there are two international airports which can be the gate to enter the country. They can fly to Liberia or San Jose for starting their exploration in Costa Rica. Both airports can offer efficiency and modern service. To make the right choice, people have to consider about budget, interest, itinerary, timing, and many more.


Before people can choose between both airports in Costa Rica, they need to see the plan about where to go in this country. The places they want to visit will determine better airport to choose to fly into Costa Rica. San Jose airport will be perfect choice if they are headed to southern part of Costa Rica including Central Pacific and Caribbean. Liberia is the airport where people should fly into if they want to go right to the Guanacaste beaches.

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For determining where to fly into costa rica, people actually should also consider about the cost because the airfare to Liberia airport are usually higher than the airfare to San Jose airport. Nevertheless, people do not need to worry because some airlines have offered bargained price to fly into Costa Rica especially to Liberia airport.

More to Consider

There are more factors which must be considered for making the right airport choice to enter Costa Rica and enjoy the best vacation. If people want to get the opportunity to enjoy the beaches right away after landing, they should consider Liberia airport to fly into. It only takes half an hour to reach some beaches in Costa Rica from this airport. San Jose is familiar with traffic and dangerous night driving so people might stay the night in the city if they decide to fly into San Jose airport.

However, if people need to take domestic flight to reach their destination, it is better to fly into San Jose airport because it is the only international airport which also offers domestic flights. Unfortunately, because the ash fall from volcano can close San Jose airport any time. That is why people need to consider carefully about where to fly into costa rica.

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