Choosing the Best Time to Visit Portugal

Choosing the best time to visit Portugal is incredibly important. Portugal is indeed well-known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are a lot of tourist destinations in Portugal that can be visited. That is why Portugal is always crowded with tourists who spend their holidays there. If you want to have a perfect holiday in Portugal, just make sure you come to the country on the right time. Below, you can see further information about the best time to visit Portugal.

  1. When is the Best Time to Visit Portugal?

The most-recommended time to visit Portugal is in February. One of the reasons why Portugal is at its best in February is because February is the beginning of the spring season. At this point, Portugal will have clear blue skies and warmer weather. February is also the peak of the blossomed flowers in Portugal. Around this time, you will see beautiful scenery of hills covered by seasonal flowers, blooming everywhere. February is also the month when Portugal is less crowded by visitors. That is why if you want to enjoy Portugal, mostly by walking or by cycling, this is the perfect time. The road will not be too crowded and you can enjoy the towns in Portugal even better.

  1. When is the Worst Time to Visit Portugal?
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Now you know the perfect time to visit Portugal. You also need to know the worst time to visit the country. Many people say that the worst time to visit Portugal will be in May and June. The reason behind this statement is mostly because Portugal’s weather is incredibly hot during those months. The temperatures rising is not the only issue because the price of hotel rooms and resorts start to get higher, especially in June. That is why if you have limited budget and you want to visit Portugal, it is better not to visit the country on May or June. You will have to prepare extra budget just for the hotel rooms.

Those are several things you need to know about the right timing to visit Portugal. You know the best time and you know the worst time as well. Plan your vacation well especially because Portugal has so many tourist attractions for you. Make sure you come to Portugal in the right time so that your vacation will be perfect. Considering the best time to visit Portugal is in the beginning of the year, you can start planning from now on.