A Couple of Fun Things to Do in Ames Iowa

Iowa is one state country in Unites States which is renowned with its small towns and cities. Hence, when tourists or travellers visit this country they can feel relaxed and homey atmosphere. Ames is the example of interesting city in Iowa which become holiday destination. There are many things to do in Ames Iowa from outdoor activities to portraying various art displays in the museums. Ames itself is located in the centre of Iowa so that this city is easy to reach. Due to so many attractions which can be found in this city, here some of the best activities that you can do when you are in Ames Iowa.

Enjoy walk at Reiman Garden

Reiman Garden has become the part of Iowa State University for more than 100 years. This 17 acres horticulture garden is currently used for education and to preserve various collections of plants and butterflies. In this garden, visitors can see wide array of plants, flowers, and shrubs. Some of them are originally from Iowa while the others come from many parts of the world. The garden becomes the home for Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing as well. It consists of more than 800 species of butterflies with various fascinating colours. Both adults and children visitors will receive guide during the garden tour and they can add special lectures as well.

See arts display at Octagon Centre

For arts lovers, the downtown Ames also offers great place to visit. It has to be Octagon Centre, a non-profit organization which promotes and supports local artists to show up their masterpieces. Octagon Centre is the place for them to hold any exhibitions on arts and artefacts which changes from year to year. It also serves as gallery shop so that you not only can enjoy the displays but also buy arts made by local artists. Exploring art in Octagon Centre will be amazing things to do in Ames Iowa since there are different types of textiles, paintings, photographs, and pottery to see.

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Stopover in Textile and Clothing Museum

Textile and Clothing Museum which become the part of Iowa State University College of Human Science is another option to stop by when you are in the city. This museum has small collection used by students to study. This place is divided into three separate collections which consist of more than 9.500 unique items from the Roman era to the current time. The clothing pieces displayed in the museum used by people in the Midwest to United States as well as people from all over the world. Besides used to teach students, the museum is also available for public so you can put it as one of destinations and things to do in Ames Iowa.

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