Expert’s Vacation Tips – Best Place to Stay in Rome Italy

Expert’s Vacation Tips – Best Place to Stay in Rome Italy

Best place to stay in Rome Italy will require you to sort your list according to the atmosphere you like and the budget you have.

The Centro Storico – Best for romance

Historic center of the Centro Storico is the place people want to visit to get the most of Roman holiday. It offers the atmospheric alleys along with the Renaissance palazzi, stately piazzas, Baroque churches, and not to mention cobbled streets in a maze. There are so many big sights in this area like Piazza Navona and Pantheon. But this best place to stay in Rome Italy for its romance trip is kind of pricey, especially the hotel. You may get better deal in off-season.

Navona Loft is recommended for low budget traveler even though it is not low enough. And if you have more money to spend then Hotel Raphael is a good place to crash.

Campo de’ Fiori and the Ghetto – Best for atmosphere

Technically this place is still the part of Centro Storico. But it has calmer atmosphere and most of big sights are on the heart of Centro Storico. It makes this place is a good place to chill and relax while enjoying the city view.

You will find lots of indie boutiques, trattorias, and also wine bars. It also has great restaurants where you can eat best pasta. If you want to enjoy the live like Roman for several days, you can rent apartment right on the Ghetto’s backstreets.

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If your budget is not too big, you can crash at the Domus Ester but if you have money to spend the DOM Hotel is great.

Tridente – Best for shopping hustlers

Tridente is located at the northern part of Rome’s center. It is called Tridente because the location is shaped by three roads. In this area you will see a lot of places that offer goods you can buy. Starting from the landmark Piazza del Popolo, you can buy things from designer boutiques, chilling at chichi bars, and also eating at pricey restaurants. Piazza di Spagna is the core of this area.

Basically, the accommodation is pretty luxurious in small scale in this place. The entertainment system is pretty fancy along with the room. So you will feel the atmosphere of international clientele. Hotel Panda is the place with low-budget traveler. For the more luxury place you can check Portrait Roma in this shoppers’ best place to stay in Rome Italy.

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