Finding the Best Time to Visit California

Finding the best time to visit California is not hard at all. There is one reason why visiting California does not need any “best time”. Yes, California is a year-round destination where visitors and tourists can practically visit the state anytime at the year and still find something pleasant, entertaining, and cool about the state. California is one of the states in the USA with pleasant climate. In summer, the weather is warm and sunny. Even in winter, the weather is not freezing but merely cooler. However, if you still need further explanation about the best time to visit California, here is the right information for you.

  1. Visiting California in January – March

During the first three months of the year, California still has some snowfall in some parts of the state. However, in the south of the state such as in Los Angeles and San Diego, the weather is mostly cooler. If you want to visit California to go San Francisco and also in the Bay area, this is the right time for you because the temperature is cooler and the breeze is just perfect.

  1. Visiting California in April – June

From April to June, the temperature in California starts to increase. This is why if you want to visit the state to explore the nature and do activities like hiking or visiting national parks, this is the perfect time for you. The weather is warm but not stinging hot like in the peak of the summer.

  1. Visiting California in July – September
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It is summertime in California and probably the time when California is full of visitors. The weather is so sunny and going to the beach will be perfect at this time around. However, this is also when the holiday season strikes and the hotel rates are incredibly high. This period of time is perfect, though, for those who want to spend summer in California and do not mind the crowded streets and high hotel rates.

  1. Visiting California in October-December

Fall and winter in California seem to attract a lot of tourists’ attentions. From October to the end of the year, there are numerous festivals and celebrations in California. This is also the period when Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are celebrated. That is why visiting California at the end of the year like this may be the best time to visit California for those looking for great festivals and celebrations in the state.