Flights from Seattle to New York – A Guidance


If you are in Seattle and have a plan to fly to New York for the first time, you might wonder of what you should know about the flights from Seattle to New York. There might be many questions come up into your mind. What flights you should take, how to get the best price for the tickets, what you should prepare, the hotels, or even the best time for flying there. Well, just read the following article to get all information you need about the cheap flights from Seattle to New York and what is the best time to do the journey.


How Long is the Flights from Seattle to New York?

How long does it take to fly from Seattle to New York? Well, the flights usually take about 5 hours in average. But, it can be longer depends on the certain factors such as bad weather or another non – technical factors. The flights can be shorter on average of 4 hours and 41 minutes if they flying nonstop. The duration of flights can be cut off if they fly directly without any transit between Seattle and New York. One thing you should keep in mind before flying is that going from one gate to another gate for a flight also takes time. The average timeline is commonly divided into three parts. The first part is taxiing out. It covers the time from the flight leaving to take off. The second part is the duration time in the air. It includes how long it is needed starts form the flight takes off till it is landed at the end of the journey. Meanwhile, the last part is the taxiing in. It is counted from the time airplane is landed to the flight’s arriving at its gate. If we calculate all, the total amount of time you need since the plane takes off from Seattle Tacoma International Airport till it reaches the John F Kennedy International Airport New York is about 5 hours and 11 minutes in average.

Flights from Seattle to New York Reliability

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Talking about the reliability of airplanes means that we are talking about the measurement of how often airplane’s flights on certain route are cancelled or delayed for more than 10 minutes. Each airline has different reliability of airplanes. Reports say that the reliability for the flights from Seattle to New York using the Alaska Airline is 91%, while the Delta Airline is 83%, the American Airline is 81%, and the JetBlue Airline 1s 72%.


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