When to Go? Best Time To Visit Nepal

Nepal was widely known temperate, with the main 4 seasons were centered around on summer. You might consider about best time to visit Nepal, it is worth to consider that most of visitors who prioritize the mountain visibility will come on autumn peak season which is on late September to the late November when the weather is so clean and dry. Along with dust and pollution will wash away the rains then the mountains were in their most visible view. So, this is the best time for trekking as well. However, there are two big festivals, such as: Tihaar and Dasain were also fall in this period. When the trekking trails are loaded by many visitors, the price will higher and you might face difficulties to find the decent room as well.

So, you can check them out to know best time to visit Nepal:

Winter (December- January)

During winter was still stable and mostly clear as well. Almost never shows in the Kathmandu, however morning could be so cool and dank as well. Then in trekking area, it will be fierce cold which make many lodge owners close their shop altogether. However, this is a great time to Visit Terai, and if you are able to face this cold, it’s a rare time to be in mountains as well.

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Spring (February to Mid-April)

These months become the second tourist season, along with warmer temperature and longer days that you can enjoy as well. Rhododendron is blooming around the hails and make spring month become the best time to visit wildlife as well. The downsides were that haze which is obscure the mountains view from the lower elevations as well.

Pre-Monsoon (Mid-April- Early June)

These months bring higher heat, having rain showers, afternoon clouds and many other things. However, they also bring edginess as well, you can try to trek higher where the temperatures are getting tolerable as well.

Between October to November is also a great time to visit Nepal, because the sky also clear and offers you with spectacular view. The weather still remains dry until April. Nepal also celebrates festivals in all year, so you will find that there are many festivals or pilgrimage. Nepalis also welcome the monsoon as well, although the time might be so varying in every year. So, you can consult with your specialist for more detail information that you want to get.