Great Things to Do in Fukuoka


things to do in fukuoka will help people to create the best memory when they are traveling to Japan. Maybe many people will think that Japan is only about Tokyo or Kyoto. In fact, there are many beautiful places they can visit in Japan. Of course Fukuoka can be a place which offers people with so many great activities to do. Some people think that they must not miss the historical sites when they are in Japan but Japan surely has more than just historical spots. They can find impressive modern building which must be included in their list.

Canal City Hakata

People should not leave Fukuoka without visiting Canal City Hakata. It is not kind of Japanese historical spots after all because it is a building for shopping as well as entertainment in large complex. Because of the large size, people even call it as city within the city. Of course visitors will be able to enjoy various activities from shopping to watching movie. However, they should not miss the opportunity for watching the water show which is held every hour especially at night. With the color combination in the building and people who are visiting this place, this can also be a great place for photography activity.

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Marine World Uminonakamichi

Fukuoka is located at the seashore so it must be interesting if people can enjoy attraction associated with the ocean. Marine World Umonionakamichi surely will be a great place to go when people are in Fukuoka. This is a public aquarium located in Higashi-ku of Fukuoka. With the well done display, visitors surely can enjoy the diversity of marine life in the aquarium. The tanks in the aquarium has specific fish after all. They will also be able to enjoy the stadium pool where they can watch the sea lion and also dolphin shows.

Ohori Park

There are surely a lot of beautiful places people can visit in Fukuoka but they really have to visit Ohori Park. This park is very special because visitors can find a lake which is surrounded with paths. It means that they are able to enjoy the walk or jog around the lake with beautiful scenery. It is not the only activity which can be done at this park for sure because visitors can also enjoy boating as city escape activity. There is no doubt that Ohori Park must be added in the list of things to do in fukuoka.