Holiday in 400 Words: Things to Do in St Kitts

In today’s Holiday in 400 Words, we are going to talk about things to do in St Kitts. St Kitts is a wonderful place if you are willing to spend some money on the trip (after all, nothing is ever free in a vacation trip). St Kitts is the island for those who prefer to enjoy the tropical Caribbean vacation to a mountain skiing or skydiving.

Located in the West Indies, this island was formerly named as the Saint Christopher Island (I do not know the reason of the change, so do not ask me why). It boasts a range of activities, and all of them are bound to pique your interest one way or another.

If you wonder what are the things to do in St Kitts, let us start with the most popular in the list:

The Brimstone Hill Fortress

Okay, this is not a ‘do’ thing as much as it is a ‘go to’ thing, but this place is so popular as a tourist destination that it often tops the chart as the most popular tourist destination in St Kitts. As you may have guessed, this place is a fortress, and for some unknown reasons, fortress are always a popular place.

Perhaps it is because of the historical significance and the fact that there is nothing cooler than taking selfies with age-old cannon. The view from the top is nice as well, so there is that. One advice if you going to visit this place: bring a torch. The place is VERY old and the lighting is not that new either, so you better off bringing a torch to the place.

Clay Villa Plantation House

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Nothing looks better than seeing a former slave driver’s house turn into a place of hospitality and beauty. This place is for you who prefer to enjoy other’s people garden rather than caring for your own garden and seeing it bloom. There is a batik demonstration in here too, so if batik is your thing, then by all means do visit this place.

The whole island tour is your best bet if you do not want to go to any specific place

St Kitts is a beautiful island. It is so beautiful that even some people are wont to explore the island on itself without going to any particular hotspot in it. The place is very natural indeed, and it may or may not scratch that Caribbean itch you have been having ever since you leave your house. The whole island tour costs about 50 dollars, so it is not that expensive to begin with. Do be careful of the tourist traps though.

There are so many things to do in St Kitts that this article cannot fit, but the three are the best things or places you can visit or do in this tropical paradise.