How Much Is a Trip to Paris?

How Much Is a Trip to Paris?

Your visit to Paris will be trouble-free if you plan everything, especially your budget, smartly. How much is a trip to Paris? This is the most obvious question that you have to answer when you are planning you trip budget. Here I show you factors to consider when planning your trip to Paris and the average cost of traveling to Paris.

Factors to Consider When Planning Your Paris Trip Budget

Here are factors to consider when planning the budget of your Parisian trip.

  1. Accommodation

There are various types of accommodation that are available for you in Paris. Their cost per night ranges from €25 for a shard dorm room to €150 for a room in a luxury hotel or an apartment. The standard cost to enjoy sufficiently comfortable and convenient accommodation in Paris is €100. It will be better if the cost you pay also includes free breakfast.

  1. Transportation

During your stay in Paris, you will move between places frequently. Transportation thus affects your budget significantly. Paris is a city with perfect public transportation system whereby buses and metros use the same price, i.e. €1.7 for one-way trip, €13.7 for a package of 10 one-way trips, and €6.8 for one-day unlimited pass. You can also buy Paris Visite Pass for €10.85 for one day, €17.65 for two days, €24.1 for three days, and €34.7 for five days. This pass gives you unlimited access to bus, metro, tram and RER.

  1. Food and Drink

How much is a trip to Paris? It also depends on how you eat and drink. For budget travelers, €15 might be enough for food and alcohol for one day. If you want to try the best restaurant in Paris, that cost may spike to around €100. You can save some euros if you stay in an inn that provides you with free breakfast.

  1. Attractions

The majority of attraction venues in Paris require you to pay about €10 to €20 for ticket. You need to pay €12 to enter the Louvre and you need to pay €15 to reach the top of Eiffel Tower.

How much is a trip to Paris if you have to calculate the total cost then? With proper planning, you might be able to enjoy a nice trip in Paris with only €170 per day. If you are a budget traveler, you can even push that number to around €60. However, if you prefer luxurious stay, €500 per day should be enough to keep you pampered.