How to Go to New Zealand?

How to Go to New Zealand?

Every trip will be great if it planned perfectly and it may become a mess without proper preparation. If you want to do a trip to New Zealand, you need to think thoroughly about how to go to New Zealand with perfect planning. Here are important factors to consider to make sure that your trip to New Zealand will be a perfect one.


The first thing to mind is how you reach New Zealand and how to move around once you are there. Flight to New Zealand from US may cost as little as $1000, but the average flight cost is $1500 for most airlines. It is safe for you to prepare around $1800 to $2000 if you depart from Los Angeles. That’s how to go to New Zealand from the US and how much it costs.

New Zealand is a sparsely populated country, so once you are there, you will use most of your time to explore the emptier parts of the country. Boarding on a train allows you to observe some scenic lines along the way, but public transportation system, including bus, is not the best means to explore New Zealand. It is best for you to rent a car, which costs about $10 to $100 per day for a people mover and $15 to $300 for a campervan.

If you choose self-drive option, be sure to take fuel and insurance into consideration. The price of fuel in New Zealand is $2.2 for one liter sufficient to cover a distance of 12 kilometers. The price of insurance ranges from $0 up to $60, depending on the excess and the type of vehicle you use.

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New Zealand is a scenic country with nature as its primary attraction, so you may want to spend your nights in a camping site, especially if you rent a campervan. However, if you prefer to stay in a comfortable hotel room, you may need to spend around $150 to $300 per day to stay in a 4- or 5-star hotel.


Breakfast should be the cheapest food to afford because you will either get it for free from the hotel you stay in or spend only about $15 if you decide to have breakfast in a restaurant. Lunch costs approximately the same. Dinner is perhaps the most expensive as it may cost you about $50 for a gourmet dinner. You can cut your spending by cooking your meal yourself. If you are thinking of how to go to New Zealand and its cost, you may also need to think about how to prepare your own meal while you are there.