How to Plan a Trip to Japan

How to Plan a Trip to Japan

Japan is a fantastic place to visit, but without proper planning, you may ruin the trip and end up wasting your time and spending your money more than needed. If you want to make your trip to Japan enjoyable and fruitful, be sure to know how to plan a trip to Japan perfectly by taking the following factors into consideration.


You should already list all places to visit in Japan even before you depart. The rule of thumb is that you want to visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and Koya before returning back to Tokyo and going home. One or two weeks are enough to explore all of these interesting places. If you stay longer than two weeks, you can stay longer in those places or explore other interesting places in Japan, perhaps even go as far as Hiroshima or Okinawa.


Because you will have to reach different places during your visit to Japan, transportation will become an important matter to find. Japan has perfect public transportation system, so you may want to buy a JR pass that gives you unlimited JR trains, including high-speed bullet trains. JR pass costs $275 for one week or $440 for two weeks. Riding bullet train is one of unique attractions that Japan can offer, so you may need to think about buying the pass.


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How to plan your trip to Japan perfectly? One important aspect to mind is your accommodation. Various types of accommodation are available in Japan. If you are looking for unique experience, try to stay in a capsule hotel, which literally puts you in a glass coffin. One-night stay in a capsule hotel costs you $30. If you prefer more regular accommodation, your choices range from a Doya (a 3-tatami-sized simple room with minimal amenities) that costs $10 one night to Ryokan (fancy traditional inn) that costs $60 per night and luxury hotel that may cost up to $150 per night.


Japan is also one of the best places on earth to eat. While you are in Japan, you can try various Japanese fast food and street food stalls, eat instant Ramen, or visit fancy restaurants serving gourmet food. The price that you have to pay for eating ranges from $3 for instant food to around $20 for gourmet food. It’s not complete to know how to plan your trip to Japan perfectly if you don’t know about various types of food that you can eat in Japan.