Is it safe to travel to Thailand?

Is it safe to travel to Thailand?

Is it safe to travel to Thailand? If you are asking about how safe is it if you are traveling to Thailand, then you have to ask yourselves what kind of travel you would make to Thailand. Before we delve further into the safety of this beautiful country, it is wiser to know more about the country itself first. The Kingdom of Thailand is a country which possess high level of human education development. The country itself is ranked 2nd in the category of economy and ranked 20th by economy gross sectors. Due to that, Thailand is considered as the Regional Power the area of Southeast Asia.

The Safety on Thailand

Being such a developed and beautiful country, Thailand has been a place for tourist destination for quite a long time in the past. However, in the past couple of years, couple of incidents and cases which involved casualties on tourists make Thailand to be less favorite to be visited nowadays. These are the example of incidents which makes people thinks twice when choosing to visit this country:

  1. Tourists Scam
  • One of the most popular incidents and cases occurred in Thailand is tourists scam, especially if you are the tourists who are travelling alone without the guidance of tour company. This scam incident is quite common in the South East Asian countries. Fortunately, this incident would only damage the amount of your wallet and no harm would occur to your body at all. One of the solution to avoid this scam is to be really cautious in your travel and make detailed research of travel preparation before actually go to Thailand. With good common sense, you will surely be fine.
  1. Local Protests
  • The local protest about the Thailand government regime ever occurred in the past. It even caused the Bangkok Airport to be closed at the time and thousands of people are sleeping on the street joining the protests. There were even casualties on the protests. Fortunately this protest is not something which occurred annually and might not possibly happen again. But if this does happen again and you are in the middle of it, just avoid it by staying at your leisure hotel until things have calm down.
  1. The various of latest incidents
  • Several of cruelty incidents occurred in Thailand has caused fear for travelers to spend their holiday on this country. One of the example is the viral case of “Koh Tao Murder”. The two victims on this case are British youngsters. This case leads to other several suspicious deaths of tourists which also occurred in the period of three years before the British couple murders. Thus, this place is highly advised to be avoided by tourists despite of its incredibly beautiful marine life Koh Tao has.
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Even though past year cases may have tainted the credibility of safetiness in the country, Thailand in overall is still a big and developed country and deemed as one of the most successful country in South East Asia. If you are to visit this country, it is advised to join a tour and travel company to bring you around. Or if you want to travel by yourselves, remember to be cautious and make a thorough preparation for it. Hopefully you would be able to get a beneficial information from this brief article about “Is it safe to travel to Thailand?”