Joyful Things to Do in Biloxi Mississippi

Biloxi is a town in United States. This city is located in the south of this country, Mississippi. It becomes one of tourism destinations in United States with beautiful sights. It is not a crowed town so that some things to do in Biloxi Mississippi run comfortably. There are some spots and objects to visit while you are enjoying holiday in this town.

Seeing Biloxi Lighthouse

When you visit Biloxi, you shouldn’t neglect the Biloxi lighthouse. This lighthouse is a town institution. It is also a symbol of the resolve and strength to face the challenges forcing to enter the lighthouse like Hurricane Katrina. This lighthouse was built in 1848 composed by concrete steel. It has been kept by female keepers of the lighthouse. Then, it was taken over by Coast Guard but it moves to Biloxi city. Hurricane Katrina had damaged significantly to Biloxi lighthouse due to the huge waves. The lighthouse was restored and also reopened for the public in 2010. You can join an integrated tour every day in this lighthouse.

Visiting Mardi Gras Museum, Biloxi

The next things to do in Biloxi Mississippi are having visits to Mardi Gras Museum. This becomes a tribute for the Fat Tuesday Holiday playing an important role in the life of Gulf Coast. You can reach this museum easily. This small museum is located in Magnolia Hotel area, a historical hotel. It becomes an interesting example of local architecture. You can see information board discussing history and interesting facts about Mardi Gras Museum and its celebration. An amazing aspect of this museum is all about the available costumes. The displayed costumes in this museum are antique, great, and unique. If you want to buy souvenir, you may find a small gift shop there.

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Enjoying Biloxi Train Tour

What else is thing to do in Biloxi? You may try Biloxi train tour. This train tour is difficult to miss in the trip to the city of Biloxi. It is an open –  air train taking all passengers in a daily trip and journey to all historical districts in this city. It was famous for Biloxi Shrimp Train Tour having been operated for years since 1961. The train tour doesn’t include a trip surrounding a historical city only. But, it is a useful trip that is full of information about Biloxi’s history and unique culture. The train tour is managed by local people so that you can get close to them. Those are joyful things to do in Biloxi Mississippi.