Let’s Explore the Best Things to See in Rome

Let’s Explore the Best Things to See in Rome

Rome is one of most beautiful country which you can have unforgettable moment there as best things to see in rome. You can create moments from the most romantic ways to the most historical ones. You may often know that Rome has one of the most ancient history in the world after the Egypt.

It has Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Chapel, Trastevere, San Clemente, Piazza Navona, Gianicolo Hill and Campo de’ Fiori.

What else to be seen in Rome?

Porta Portese

It is a Sunday morning market which most travelers will come by. Its vendors sell everything you want such as antiques, books, new and used clothes and paintings.

The visitors also come to enjoy the flea market experience and piqued some interests. They can meet authentic goods and interesting transactions.

Spanish Steps

In Rome, there is an alluring climbing famous tourist site which pleases your eyes by its blossoming azaleas. If you are curious why this place named like that. The reason is because it gets the name from the connecting Spanish embassy.

This is one of kind travelling sites the travelers will suggest. It is because there are lots of shopping stores and good views of Roman homes.

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Unique things to see in Rome

If you have overwhelmed with ordinary tourist sites, you can go to some new distinctive places in Rome such as:

–               Rome’s Vegan Cat Café

It is a cat café which you can enjoy them while reading books, watching videos or just sipping coffee. It is very clean, well – managed and very artistic place where you can have instagrammable pictures.

–               Having experience with BonAppetour


If you want something about different eating experience, you can try to eat with the Locals. You can have real local Roman’s dinner like making fresh pasta by hand, nice bar lounge and neighborhood pizzeria.

–               2000 year old Rome pyramid

It is true that Rome has that pyramid in the center of the city. It is claimed to have been cemented around the 1800 year old former built by the Emperor Aurelian.

This pyramid leaves profound impression to wonder how such iconic can be in the Rome that is far away from pyramid’s home in Egypt. Most tourists will get stunned by it and think it is as the best things to see in rome.

–               Ostiense Street Art

It is less published and talked, but it buried high quality art in the Ostiense Street. It has marble faded brick walls in every corner. You can see the beautiful wall colors which please your day.

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