Lists of Top Ten Things to Do In Singapore

Lists of Top Ten Things to Do In Singapore

Info about the top ten things to do in Singapore can be the helpful inspirations for you. That is especially if you plan to have a great trip to Singapore. Since it is a small place actually, you have to really know where to go and what to do so that you really have a great quality time there. There are so many things to do and below we list them as your helpful inspiring guide for a fun Singapore trip.

Enjoying the Fantastic View on Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is stated as the biggest observation wheel since the diameter is about 150m with the height of about 165m. It can travel about 0.2m per one second. You can enjoy the amazing views of Singapore on it. Night or day will give the different views which are totally breathtaking.

Watching Various Nocturnal Animals at Singapore Night Safari

Sure, this place offers a bunch of different attractions. You also can see lots of adorable nocturnal animals there. That is including gazelle, Himalayan griffon-vulture, wildebeest, and so on.

Have the Relaxing Time at Sentosa Island

Another point of top ten things to do in Singapore is this island. You can enjoy the breeze of the beaches. Even, you can enjoy the memorable dinner and even shopping.

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Shopping at Orchard Road

Of course when you visit a place, you want to buy something. This is going to be the must visit place in Singapore for shopping. There are lots of boutiques, department stores, and even spas you can visit.

Feeling the Oriental Ambiance at Chinatown

This is another icon for Singapore. You can enjoy the shopping lots of affordable studs including various souvenirs there. You can also find lots of authentic Chinese food restaurants and other great attractions.

Visiting Gardens by the Bay

This is located at the bay area. The popular supertree becomes the main highlights there. The skywalk over its garden is the point to enjoy. You also can find the greenhouses with the big seashell shape.

Exploring Clarke Quay

Here is the place in Singapore where you can find lots of attractions. That is including the boutique shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and so on. This has the great location along the main river.

Watching a Wonderful Light Show at Marina Bay

This is another idea for the things you need to do in Singapore. One of the great things to do there is watching the light show. You also can visit casino, restaurants, museum, and even lots of stores.

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Capturing your Selfie at Merlion Park

This is the landmark of Singapore, which is still located on Marina Bay. Thus, when you are there, the thing you could not miss is taking your picture with the Merlion statue as your background.

Feeling the India Ambiance at Little India

Everything which is typical in India can be found there. That is including the various colourful fabrics, spices, flowers, and so on. This is one of the top ten things to do in Singapore which also becomes the great place to shop in Singapore.

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