Many Interesting Things to Do In Corpus Christi TX

Located near the sea, Corpus Christi is definitely one of best destination you can choose in Texas. And, there are lots of things to do in corpus christi tx that you never imagined. Many interesting place here will give you different experience and adventure that you can’t find from other place. So, are you ready?

Padre Island National Seashore

If you are looking for beautiful nature scenery, this place is the best choice. It has many beaches, and some of them can be said is unknown. So, when you visit them, you can feel it like your private beach. This is great place to escape from your stressful daily routine. More than that, this place is the best place to see many different animals. You can see migratory birds move from different area. And, you also can find conservation spot for sea turtle.

Laguna Madre

Need more adrenaline rush activity? You can visit Laguna Madre. The place is really beautiful. It shaped like huge lagoon, with great waves ready to ride. Yes, you can try windsurfing or kiteboarding here. And, you don’t need to worry about the equipment. There are many places where you can rent them. Or, if you never tried this sport, they also offer classes where you can learn windsurfing.

Texas State Aquarium

After you have active thing to do at Laguna Madre, next is Texas State Aquarium. They have many different sea animal species you can enjoy. Basically, this place is the proof of the biodiversity of the sea around Corpus Christi. With six hectares area, you will spend your whole day in this place. If you get bored with looking at the fishes, you can enjoy the show here. There is Floating Phantoms show and many more. You can even try to touch the stingrays on that show.

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Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge

On this old bridge that was built in late 1950s, you can enjoy beautiful scenery of the sea. However, the main interesting part is the bridge itself. It uses the different style than what you can find on other bridge. The southern style makes it become great place where you can use as photograph object.

So, basically, you can get anything that you want when you visit those places. Beautiful nature scenery and unique place can be found on your journey. Now, you are ready for your trip. Just go and have many things to do in corpus christi tx.