Which Months Are the Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon?

Best time to visit the Grand Canyon is actually depends on what you want to see. The popular Grand Canyon is always in amazing look throughout the year but the conditions might be different from month to month. Each season has its own pitfalls and benefits so that it is important for you to consider when you should visit this place. There are some months which known to be the right time to enjoy the beauty of Grand Canyon.

Before summer on March to May

Before summer comes is known to be best time to visit the Grand Canyon and it falls on March to May. These months, the temperatures begin to rise but it is not as hot as the peak summer. Besides, you can enjoy individual time more since the huge tourist who want to hunter the summer has yet to no visit. But, if you choose these months to visit Grand Canyon, you had to remember that there are several parts of the park, popularly called as North Rim which still has snow. Besides, the different altitudes in this place make people difficult to stay. Although these months are not too cold, the temperatures can change drastically. Hence, you need to get prepared with plenty of warm clothes.

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Summertime on June to August

Summer is a season with high tourist traffic but it is considered as best time to visit the Grand Canyon. It is no surprising since from the middle of May until middle of September the park has long and sunny days with temperatures range from 40 to 85 degrees. Although the weather is quite hot, the breeze will make the visitors remains cool on summer sun rays. Hence, you will not get burned when visiting the park during this time. You had better to bring some sunscreens because the temperatures in the park can be various from one place to another. Areas close to Colorado River will be warmer but North Rim is cooler.

In July, it is quite common to see heavy rainstorms but the will not stay longer. This is also the moment when travelers can enjoy many facilities in the park both in the South and North Rim since they are opened. If you want to stay in the park for several days, you need to book the rooms and campgrounds far away since it will be packed with many travelers in short time. If you want to avoid the crowds, you have to go into the park earlier during best time to visit the Grand Canyon.

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