Most Wonderful Places In The World: You Never Heard

Most Wonderful Places In The World: You Never Heard

Every year, you probably often hear most wonderful places in the world. Almost all the lists are overwritten most of the time. It seems there are less new unique wonderful sites. So, here are the latest update of the unheard places you should visit.

China: Rainbow Mountains

It is located in Zhyangye Danxia Landroms Geological Park. It shows a unique wavy pattern rainbow painted color of the mixture of red, yellow, blue and green.

Croatia: Plitvice Lake

If you look at the online images of it, you will die for seeing it in real. It has national park with several lakes and all of them are in different colors. It is included as one of UNESCO World’s Heritage Site in the world.

Africa: Victoria Falls

It is in Africa continent, specifically in between of Zimbabwe and Zambia on the River Zambezi. The beauty of the falls makes the landscape scenery more complete. It is one of the largest falls in the world.

Turkey: Pamukkale

Literally, Pamukkale has a meaning as cotton castle. It is because the way to describe the heaven looks alike picture seen there. It has turquoise color that is very beautiful to see.

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Australia: Whitehaven Beach

It will be a breathtaking moment to see this beautiful beach. It has pretty pure white color that makes it looked very clean. The bright blue collides in the white sand make it so beautiful to see from above. It has such great soul – reliever and definitely one of the most wonderful places in the world.

New Zealand: Glowworm Cave

The view of unique cave with great population of the glow – in – the – dark – worms reflects the most beautiful natural light in the cave. You can rent a boat to enjoy the one night experience to see this phenomenon.

Greece: Santorini

It has become a latest trend to go to Santorini because of its romantic views and buildings. You can see one of the most gorgeous sunset view from here.

Fiji: Mamanuca Island

It is another beach site that most tourists will come to enjoy sunbathing, parasailing, windsurfing, swimming with reef sharks, diving or just doing a relaxing walk. It is located exactly in Tokoriki Island.

Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle

If you want to go the ancient building in Germany, you should visit here. It is one of the most wonderful places in the world built by the King at that time. It has become an attractive tourist site after his death ever since.

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