New Zealand Points Of Interest You Must Visit

New Zealand Points Of Interest You Must Visit

If you are planning to go to New Zealand, you must do little research of what New Zealand points of interest. It is just a little help to get as efficient and effective as you can.

Sky Tower

It is simply a tall building that keeps beautiful history there. It is actually a telecommunications and observation tower. It is also the tallest freestanding building in the Southern Hemisphere and gets the 23rd rank in the world as the tallest structure.

You can have dinner time there in level 50 at their sky lounge. If you are brave enough, you can go to level 52 to have dinner with 360orbit sensation. Other places to go are in the level 53 with the Sugar Club restaurant and in the level 60 to enjoy the skydeck.

The Giant House

If NZ has Hobbiton for tiny houses in one part of its area, in another part of NZ, you can visit the opposite called, the Giant House. It has become of New Zealand points of interest which attracts tourists to take a short experience there.

It is actually a historical Akaroa home with original art masterpieces, sculpture, mosaics and terraced gardens. It has giant sizes of the furniture and other home décor stuffs.

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Cape Reinga Lighthouse Walk

If you want something very romantic view and calm, you can go to the Cape Reinga. You can enjoying two oceans meet just right in front of you. You will have unforgettable moment for seeing the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea Tasman with beautiful swirl view.

It also has mythological story which started by the story of a gnarled phutukawa tree at the tip of northernmost of it. It is believed that based on Maori story, the deceased spirits will jump off of the tree into the sea. This has a meaning that the deceased ones will go back to their ancestral Hawaiki homeland.

Ohau Point Seal Colony

Do you want to have a great adventure related to animal in NZ? You can try to visit Ohau Point Seal Colony where you can see the seals everywhere. It is sure that you should not pet them because it is risky and you do not know how tame they are. But most of tourists will do petting because the seals are just too cute to see from far away. It is definitely one of the most natural real New Zealand points of interest.