A Night in Cape May: Hotels near Cape May NJ

Searching for hotels near Cape May NJ is as easy as looking for a Brit in their house when teatime comes. Cape May is a good place if you want to take a break from the boring bits of life and if you are just looking for an escape from life’s ordinaries. In Cape May, you can enjoy the beaches and the things that come with beaches. The shores of Cape May are a good place to relax and vent all of that heat off your body. You can also visit the lighthouse that towers the place to see how beautiful it is and how life-saving it is for sailors lost in the sea. If you are a sea-guy or gal, then Cape May is definitely a place to book a ticket to when you have the chance.

However, you totally cannot enjoy what Cape May has in store for you in just one day. You need to stay for a prolonged period of time if you want to explore Cape May to its fullest, and I have got the right hotels just for you listed below:

The Grand Hotel is one of the grandest Hotels near Cape May NJ

Staying true to its name, this hotel is a grand one, and by grand, I really mean that this hotel is a good option for your stay. Priced at a few hundred dollars per night, this hotel has everything you should ever want in a beachside hotel (which are beachside view from the rooms and instant access to the beach itself). The rooms are spacy and the hotel itself is filled with amenities that will surely make your stay a comfortable one.

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One bad thing that I might say about this hotel is the age. This hotel is old, and renovations are needed all-around. This hotel is clean though, so if you think you are fine with the age, then book a room in here.

The Star hotel

It is more of a motel than a hotel, but then again it matters not as long as you got a place to crash in, right?

Unlike the Grand hotel, this place is a bit on the newer side, so staying here is preferable if you like sleeping in newer buildings rather than old ones. The rooms are nice and traditional, so do not expect weird things.

It is pretty expensive for a traditional hotel, however, and it has been the sole complain of everyone who decided to stay in here. If you have money to burn and time to spend, though, this place is definitely a nice stay.

Wilbraham Mansion

This hotel is the most expensive of the lot, and it is expensive for good many reasons. First thing first, it got a nice indoor swimming pool that is HEATED. Not many hotels can implement this thing here, and it is one of the thing that makes it different from the others. The breakfast, though a bit limited in varieties, are given to you in a higher portion. They will also give you free bottles of water if you need some rehydration.

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Bad thing? The strict rules. Now I am not a person that enjoys living a life with no rules. I think rules should be made in order for the world to stay in order. This hotel got the strictest of rules, however, and any direct violation is viable for a fine. The fine is not low either, so you really need to do things their way. This is one example of hotels near Cape May NJ that is good, but really need to hold back their fining habits.

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