Places Must See in Japan

Places Must See in Japan

where to go in japan? Japan has many attractions which can be visited. People can find the places which are filled with modern evidence. Nevertheless, they will also be able to find the traditional attractions which come with full of Japanese atmosphere. When people travel to Japan, these places must not be missed.

Parks in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and people can consider it as metropolitan. It is super easy to imagine Tokyo as a place filled with buildings and concrete. But, it does not mean that people cannot find the green areas in this place. In fact, parks in Tokyo can be a great place to go in Japan. They can try to visit Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, and Yoyogi Park is considered as popular parks in Tokyo. Splendid view can be experienced during spring and autumn.


If people ask about where to go in japan, the answer will not always refer to a location because they actually must not miss festivals in Japan. It can be a huge attraction which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The festivals cannot be separated from the tradition of Buddhist and Shinto. Many options of festival can be found and they will be filled with fun and colors. Festivals can be found everywhere in the country and all year round.


The autumn view in Japan is breathtaking. In fact, the experience can go deeper if people visit the right place to enjoy autumn. Karuizawa surely will be a great place to go in autumn. Compared to Tokyo, this place is cooler in the summer. It is also located near to Mount Asima which is considered as one active volcano in the country. Hiking can be done for enjoying the natural beauty. People must forget to enjoy the bird watching and of course hot springs in this place.

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Nagasaki is not a strange name for the world because this city became the victim of atomic bomb in 1945. It was devastated but now people can see it rebuilt. This is the place where people can learn history. Nevertheless, history is not the only interesting part of this city because people can also enjoy other things including Chinatown strolling and Glover Gardens exploring. Deep roots of Christian can be found in Nagasaki so people can also see the Christian sites in the city. Gunkanjima must also be included as answer about where to go in japan.

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