Places to Go and What to See in Rome Italy

Places to Go and What to See in Rome Italy

What to see in Rome Italy, you ask? If you have been living under a rock, surely that question will not be a question that cannot be answered by yourself. There are those, however, who are pretty much blind about the world. These others do not know anything about what makes Rome Italy an interesting place to go. This article was written because of that very reason. This article here will give a you a hint about what to see in Rome Italy and what makes those three places a good place for you to go.

The Circo Massimo

Also known as Circus Maximus in the common tongue. It is the place where gladiators fought and chariots raced, making this a place of historical importance to Rome. It is a big place that is worth a visit thanks to the many history contained within its walls. It is the pioneers of big arenas all over Rome, which kind of makes the Coliseum its child.

Built when Christ was not around, this place is very important for the people of Rome because it signifies how enlightened the people of Rome were in the barbaric age. With that in mind, surely you cannot dismiss how important it is that building for the people of Rome, right?

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Capitoline Hill

Washington D.C. might got its own Capitol Hill, but Rome got a hill that is so cool it is considered one of the most famous of the seven famous hills in Rome. It is considered the most sacred as well thanks to the presence of first temples of Rome. It also bears a significant mark on history as well. Brutus and his follower hid in this place when they were done with Caesar. It is also the place where many executions take place.

Do not be afraid though because the ones that were executed over there were political criminals that the people of yore thought as deserving of the punishment. Those people threw the convicted into the rocks below, making the deaths pretty horrible. No pressure.

The Baths of Caracalla

If you think ruins are too boring, then you should not visit Rome because Rome got lots of interesting ruins. The ruins of the bathing places are one of them.

This ruin in particular is pretty popular thanks to the fact that is ruin shows how marvellous the technology of Rome were back in the days. While the barbarians outside bathed in rivers and lakes, the Romans of yore thought that the cold water of lakes and rivers will not suit their skin. They created bathing places where people can soak in warm water to relax their stiff muscles. The warm water does not come naturally though, as Romans back then used slaves to help keep the water warm (they do so by feeding the flame under the bathing area with wood). I find it ironically interesting that the civilization that we thought was the most civilized one was the civilization that used slaves.

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Those are few of the places that will certainly answer the ‘what to see in Rome Italy’ question that you might be asking.


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